Our story

SVI is an independent medical research institute that conducts research into the cause, prevention and treatment of diseases that are common and have serious effects on health. We strive, through our research, to help alleviate the enormous financial, emotional and physical impacts of these diseases on individuals, their families and the community.


Diseases studied

  • Cancer
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes and obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Bone diseases, including osteoporosis
  • Alzheimer's disease

Mission, vision and values

Our mission is to carry out the highest quality laboratory-based biomedical research in order to make discoveries that will improve the health of the community.

Our vision is to be a thriving medical research institute that makes discoveries with impact.

Our values include excellence, passion, creativity, collaboration, individual drive, integrity and questioning of dogma.

Strategic goals

  1. Deliver impact through research excellence & its translation
  2. Retain, attract and recruit excellent researchers
  3. Provide cutting-edge research facilities and services
  4. Grow research capacity & capability via strategic initiatives


SVI is affiliated with St Vincent’s Hospital and the University of Melbourne and is a member institution of the Mary Aikenhead Ministries.