Peter’s story

“I have a family history of this accursed disease, predominantly through my mother: her father, two sisters and two brothers, as well as my older brother and my mother all had type 2 diabetes.

A high blood glucose score when I visited my GP for another issue started off the merry-go-round of specialists, medications, blood tests and GP visits.

I have to monitor my blood glucose levels daily, and have regular tests at the GP. The complications I have developed include diabetic retinopathy, nephropathy and neuropathy. Nerve damage in my foot has restricted my ability to exercise. I am careful to monitor blood pressure and do anything else I can to ward off further complications.

It would be easy to allow feelings of depression, doubt and frustration to take hold and flourish, if not for the support and love of friends, and especially family.

I feel that there is hope for a cure, and I will help in my own small way, by donating my bits and pieces to medical research after my passing.”